Statue Filling Service

KMC Maryland offers a statue filling service so that practitioners can have qualified statues on their shrine. Statues are filled by qualified Kadampas in our Art Studio. Correctly filled statues are powerful objects for accumulating merit and receiving blessings. As it says in the book Eight Steps to Happiness:

“One of the best methods to increase our faith in the Buddhas and to receive their blessings is to gaze at an image of a Buddha again and again, regarding it as an actual Buddha who is supremely kind to all living beings… By viewing images of Buddhas in this way, it is as if we are opening a window in our mind through which the blessings of the holy beings can enter… just seeing an image of a Buddha places a potentiality on the mind that is a definite cause of enlightenment, and which nothing can destroy…”

As it says in the book Heart Jewel:

“…if we have strong faith, simply keeping a statue of Je Tsongkhapa in our house will cause that place to become a holy environment and will protect us from poverty.”

How it Works

  • Measure the height of your statue or stupa.
  • Email with the height of your statue to get pricing information and the order form.  Also please specify if it is a stupa or a statue.
  • After making payment, send your statue to us at KMC-MD, 901 Dartmouth Rd, Baltimore MD 21212.  Please package it well, using soft cotton balls to cover the face if it is painted.
  • We send the statue back to you within about 8 weeks via a tracked carrier. Please note that completion time of your statue varies.
    • IMPORTANT:  please do not ship us any statues while our temple is closed, July 24-Aug 13, for the International Summer Festival
  • If you would like more than $50 insurance for shipping, please call or email us with the desired value.


  • Shipping includes tracking, extra packaging, handling, and $50 of insurance.  If you would like additional insurance, please let us know by including that information in your order comments.
  • In some cases your statue may require unexpected extra work which is not known until inspection of your statue. An extra charge may be due. We will contact you in that case.