Vision, Values & Beliefs

Vision Statement 

Everyone is welcome to Kadampa Meditation Center Maryland, a Temple dedicated to bringing peace and happiness to the world, and to removing suffering, through offering the methods of meditation and modern Buddhism. We aim to teach people how to develop pure, positive states of mind, giving practical tools to transform the difficulties of everyday life into an opportunity for personal growth and transformation.  We wish to inspire and empower people to reach their full spiritual potential in order to be of greatest benefit to their family, friends and the world.

  • We envision Kadampa Meditation Center Maryland as a place where hundreds, and eventually thousands, of people gather in order to improve the quality of their minds, thereby transforming themselves and the society in which they live.
  • We envision a diverse, joyful spiritual community where everyone is welcome to learn constructive new thoughts, attitudes and meditations that lead to authentic, lasting peace of mind and mental freedom.
  • We envision a community of people who are increasingly motivated to love and benefit others.
  • Our vision is to achieve peace in our world by teaching scientific methods that transform individuals, and therefore society, one mind at a time. In this way, inner peace will naturally lead to outer peace.
Statement of Purpose

Through our courses, retreats and classes we wish to help people in the following ways:

  1. african_american_family-smallSolve Daily Problems… Our talks and meditations are designed to solve the problems of modern living, providing relevant solutions to the struggles we all face on a day to day basis. Through practical, simple and scientific methods, people from all backgrounds and walks of life can directly transform the way they perceive themselves, others and the world in which we live. We offer tools that people can immediately apply to solve their daily problems and become more relaxed, happy and at peace.
  2. Heal Mental Pain… The classes provide practical solutions to pervasive mental and emotional difficulties, helping us to heal anxiety, stress, anger, frustration, depression, loneliness, jealousy, miserliness, attachment, addiction, boredom and confusion.
  3. Cultivate Good Qualities… Through training, everyone can learn how to cultivate inner qualities that lead to authentic, lasting happiness simply by changing their thoughts and attitudes. Through practicing Kadampa Buddhist meditation, we become more kind-hearted, patient, positive, generous, joyful, relaxed, confident, focused, content, peaceful, blissful, creative, wise, and fulfilled.
  4. Change Ourselves, Change Our World… The practical meditations and ideas we teach help people to change their mind, which is the most powerful agent of change in the world. Our experience of our self and our life is a reflection of the quality of our mind; therefore, if we are to change our world, we need to change the quality of our mind. By thinking about ourselves, others and the world in more constructive, positive and virtuous ways, we become happier and more peaceful, and as a result we have a positive impact upon our relationships and our world.
  5. Develop Our Spiritual Potential… We have an extraordinary capacity to change. Step by step, we can learn how to tap into this powerful potential that lies within. Gradually, through training our mind, we can reach our highest spiritual potential, the fully awakened state of enlightenment, and be of tremendous benefit to our family, friends, and to this world.