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World Peace Cafe Baltimore

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The World Peace Cafe is unlike any other restaurant in Baltimore, and we’re not just saying that.  Built with donations and by volunteers, and owned and operated by Kadampa Meditation Center Maryland, all of our profits go to support the International Temples Project, which creates Kadampa World Peace Temples and Centers throughout the world. The people who cook and serve our excellent food are volunteers who believe in the premise that peaceful communities and nations begin with peaceful people.  Peaceful people have peaceful minds.  The mission of the World Peace Cafe and its owner, Kadampa Meditation Center Maryland, is to help others find a peace arising from within their own mind.  When our mind is peaceful, we are happy and we can make others happy.  When our mind is unpeaceful, we are unhappy and cannot make anyone happy.

“World Peace” Means Our Effort is Worldwide.

WPCWhile we are the only World Peace Cafe in Maryland, we’re not the only one in the world.  Buddhist communities throughout the world who belong to the same New Kadampa Tradition have their own World Peace Cafes.  Some of these are small coffee shops located within Buddhist Centers, others are full-scale vegetarian restaurants.  Each World Peace Cafe is operated by local volunteers and adheres to the same vision of supporting the creation of a peaceful world. 

Bookshop and Giftshop



We have a gift shop offering items such as incense, children’s gifts, greeting cards, prayer beads (malas), and fair trade items from around the world.   We also stock a variety of Buddha statues and other items to help you create a personal shrine at home.

We offer an array of Kadampa Buddhist books, guided meditation CDs, audio books, Buddhist artwork, and more.


World Peace Garden


rain gardenA 1.75 acre urban garden dedicated to world peace has been developed in the Baltimore City neighborhood of Chinquapin Park on the site of the Kadampa Meditation Center Maryland Temple for World Peace.  It is a unique community collaboration between Kadampa Meditation Center Maryland and the Chesapeake Bay Trust, Parks & People, Baltimore Orchard Project, Civic Works, Blue Water Baltimore, Grow Landscape Design, Interfaith Partners for the Chesapeake, and other community partners. We believe that investing in our local community and environment creates a strong and vibrant city for everyone to enjoy.

Meditation Garden
On the upper lawn under the large tree we have created meditation garden with large rocks, 2 Japanese maples, and a granite bench due to help from Civic Works and Americorps partners, and a $1000 grant from the Parks and People foundation.
Rain Gardens
In late Aug 2015 the work began on installing three rain gardens, which were funded by a $30,000 grant from the Chesapeake Bay Trust. Then in September the a variety of native plants were planted due to help from HBI, a federal Job Corps training partner. These gardens are improving the health of the environment and create a more lush and beautiful atmosphere at the temple.
Volunteer Opportunities
We are always happy to have volunteer gardeners!  We do group gardening days on most Sunday afternoons, but there are also opportunities during the week.  You can even adopt an area of our gardens to take care of, including our vegetable garden.  Please email for more information or to sign up.

Winner of the 2017 Best of Baltimore Contest for Best Urban Garden!

Nina Beth Cardin, Founder and Executive Director of the Baltimore Orchard Project says:
Kadampa’s World Peace Garden will nourish the body and soul. Designed in harmony with the contours of its land, in partnership with neighbors and in a “guild” of plants in its Food Forest, the Temple structurally, visually and practically speaks, “Peace!”

Stormwater is a big issue in Baltimore.  With grant assistance from Blue Water Baltimore, the project included a rain garden which is designed to capture storm-water and reduce run-off. Maryland Institute College of Art’s Baltimore Urban Farming class was also involved, with students assisting with design and planting, culminating in a semester end project summarizing their experiences.

MICA Professor Hugh Pocock comments:
“The students learn about the many issues surrounding food production and then apply them to their art and design practice.  They also learn about food production on a global and national level and then scale down to look at Baltimore and how these issues impact our city… We are very pleased to be working with Kadampa Meditation Center Maryland this Spring, the development of the food forest/garden is a very unique opportunity for the students to be involved in.”

Joyce Johnson, President of the Chinquapin Park Improvement Association, is thrilled with the project:
An urban garden dedicated to world peace is a concrete display of a concept of the mind that starts within our homes, then our neighborhoods, our communities and so on!  The Chinquapin Park Community is striving to encourage the engagement of its diverse cultures of people so that we are able to maintain a certain quality of life here.  The friendly interaction between neighbors is definitely a good start!  We look forward to working with the Kadampa Meditation Center Maryland in this effort.

KMC Maryland is delighted to be working with its community partners to create a place of peace and reflection to serve the residents of the greater Baltimore area. The garden is an integral part of the Buddhist Temple for World Peace and serves to extend the experience of peace that can be created through meditation.  The World Peace Garden is a way in which we can share this experience with everyone, irrespective of belief systems, and increase the quality of life for everyone. We welcome families and people of all backgrounds to partake of what we offer.