Other Teachers

DSCF0201Kelsang Gyaltsen has been practicing Kadampa Buddhism for about 18 years and is a founding member of the Center. He has done many retreats, including two three-month silent retreats at Tharpaland International Retreat Center in Scotland. Gyaltsen is also skilled in Buddhist art, having beautified and filled many images at KMC MD and other Kadampa Centers. He is admired for his sincerity and gentle, light-hearted approach to teaching, meditation and practice in daily life.


Rick Ratigan is a longtime member of KMC-MD and has contributed greatly to the community over the past 20 years. He is retired from the State of Maryland with a background in Social Services. He is a sincere meditator and Dharma practitioner and is liked for his compassion and good sense of humor. Rick’s classes are down-to-earth and practical. Rick leads weekly Buddhist classes at our Columbia Branch.

Shelli Snyder Pic

Shelli Snyder has been practicing Kadampa Buddhism since 2005, and is also our Education Program Coordinator.  She is a sincere, joyful, and warmhearted practitioner and teacher.  Her teachings are heartfelt and practical, showing her deep personal experience of using Buddha’s teachings to solve the problems of daily life. Shelli teaches the weekly Sunday morning Prayers for World Peace meditation class.


Marlene Robinson is a Teacher Training Program student at KMC Maryland and will be starting as the Mount Vernon teacher as soon as that branch class opens again.  She has been studying Kadampa Buddhism since 2016 and has a heartfelt, clear and practical approach to Buddha’s teachings. She provides clear and inspiring teachings for people of all levels of interest.


Rosemary Scavullo-Flickinger has been a Kadampa meditation practitioner since the beginning of the center here in Baltimore.  She was a single parent raising her daughter until she married and formed a blended family. These experiences have given her a varied perspective on how to incorporate dharma teachings to help cope with the demands of parenting, a blended family, and modern day challenges. She is deeply inspired by nature, natural medicine, and the profound and clear teachings encompassing wisdom and compassion of Buddhism.


Mary O’Flaherty is from Baltimore. She is retired RN and former childcare worker. She has been practicing Kadampa Buddhism for over 10 years. She finds much satisfaction in learning and sharing Dharma, Buddha’s teachings.

lauraLaura Charping began studying Kadampa Buddhism five years ago and has volunteered for the center in various capacities, including bookkeeping and class assistant.  She has a background in human resources, communications and training, and is currently a student in our Foundation Program in Baltimore.  She is excited to lead an after-work meditation class, bringing her wit and sensitivity and providing practical applications to our busy lives.


Matthew Gensler has been studying Kadampa Buddhism for over 8 years. He is a devoted disciple of Kadam Dharma and has been studying with Gen Chogden. He is also involved in statue filling for the temple. Matthew is known for his caring attitude and sincerity.

 Sharon P. Fisher has been a practicing Buddhist for over a decade.  She is currently a member of the Foundation Program.  She is also a wife, mother, nurse practitioner, business owner, and author.  She loves helping people integrate Buddhist teachings in their daily life to manage stress,  anxiety, and pain.


Tracey Van Gundy teaches our Annapolis evening class, as well as occasional Annapolis retreats. She has been practicing
Kadam Dharma since 2009 and teaching it since 2011.  She currently studies in the Foundation Program class at the Baltimore temple and her teachings are very practical and heartfelt because she’ s used Buddha’s teachings to help her get through many difficulties herself.