Annapolis Workshop: Willpower: Jan 30, 2016

Willpower Workshop in Annapolis
Sat. January 30, 2016 @ 10am – 1pm

Willpower is not about gritting our teeth and getting through with things. It involves learning the art of joyfully focusing our mind and energy so that we can accomplish our personal goals. This workshop will teach how to develop a joyful and powerful inner focus – Join us to discover the art of harnessing the power of our mind!

We are trying to control our minds through meditation, and for that we need presence of mind. We can set up the willpower to do this from the outset by remembering what we’re trying to accomplish. For example, at the International Summer Summer Festival,  our General Spiritual Director Gen-la Dekyong said we don’t need any fancy tricks to overcome distractions, we just need the willpower, just as when we are driving. While we are driving, we want to be mindful – so we don’t have to negotiate with ourselves moment by moment, “Shall I focus on the road or shall I text my friend?” When we know what’s at stake, we naturally concentrate on what we’re doing.

Everyone is welcome to this workshop regardless of experience!

Location: 107 Ridgely Avenue, Suite 14-A, Annapolis, MD 21401

Cost: $25. $20 for students, seniors 60+, unemployed and if registered by 9/30. Free for Student-level members.

Early registration is closed but walk-ins are welcome!