SAVE THE DATE: Upcoming half-day retreat topics (all 10am-1pm)

Cost:$25 ($20 for students, seniors 60+, and the unemployed).
Free for student and benefactor level members.

Saturday, September 22nd – Coming to Terms with Loss
Experiencing loss is frequently painful as we have difficulty coming to terms with the realities of our daily life — relationships change, jobs disappear, favorite things wear out, friends move, and loved ones get sick and eventually die. In this retreat we will learn how to give ourself inner protection from the pain of loss, and how to accept the inevitable changes in our lives with a peaceful mind.

Saturday, November 17th – The Power of Patience
Patient acceptance is often seen as a weak and passive mind, but actually, nothing could be further from the truth. Patient acceptance is a powerful mind that makes us as strong and stable as a mountain. When a mountain is struck by a thunderstorm, it remains unmoved. In the same way, regardless of what “storms” arise in our daily life, our patience protects our peace of mind. When we lack patience, we are like the pine trees lining the mountain — we are easily disturbed by the challenges we face. On the other hand, when we gain patience, we also gain the ability to remain peaceful, flexible, and clear-headed, no matter what the circumstances.

Saturday, March 2nd – Healing the Past, Creating the Future
We often hold on to resentment, which causes chronic unhappiness in our mind and so much friction in our relationships. This attachment to resentment also results in our “living in the past”, which prevents us from focusing on the present and imagining the future. We will examine ways to release ourselves from resentment and self criticism so that we can eliminate this chronic unhappiness and fully focus in a flexible way on the present. With a happy mind we can more clearly plan for our future.

Saturday, May 4th  – Finally Achieving Balance
When we are overly attached to getting what we want and getting rid of what we don’t want, our mind is unstable, vulnerable and emotionally dependent on external things. In this retreat, we will meditate to reduce our unbalanced states of mind that cause us to suffer and learn to develop and maintain the mind of equanimity, which is a balanced, warm and friendly state of mind towards everyone. This is said to be like gold because this state of mind cannot be disturbed by the appearances and actions of others.

Saturday, October 20th – Peace of Mind Retreat
Leave behind the hectic pace and distractions of everyday life and immerse yourself in developing a calm, clear mind through guided meditations and practical instructions. In this retreat, it is easy to discover a deep happiness that arises naturally from within and carry it with you back to your daily life.

Saturday, January 26th –  Freedom from Anxiety, Worry and Fear
Are you a worrier? Does anxiety interfere with your daily life? If so, this is the retreat for you. We will examine how worry, anxiety and fear develop, so that we can learn how to interrupt these exaggerated, tormenting thoughts. Relaxing, guided meditations will help you soothe your mind and, with practice, allow you to develop the power to remain peaceful and worry-free even in difficult circumstances.

Saturday, March 30th – The Power of Imagination
The mind is full of creative power. In fact, each day our mind creates a multitude of realities, emotions, and experiences. Sometimes these bring a sense of joy and freedom. However, they often can be limiting and disruptive, or even painful. Through a special type of meditation called Creative Yoga, we can learn to see beyond the limitations of our ordinary thinking into the extraordinary possibilities for our life. This retreat will teach how to use visualization and imagination to awaken and channel our creative energy into greater peace and happiness, and eventually, if we wish, to the perfection of our human qualities.