Mid-Atlantic Dharma Celebration: Mar 17 -19, 2017

Join us for the annual regional Kadampa Buddhist celebration at KMC Maryland in Baltimore and enjoy a blessing ceremony called an empowerment, practical teachings and guided meditations with respected and renowned Kadampa teachers.

This year, Kadam Morten Clausen will grant the empowerment of Buddha White Tara and give teachings on the Practice of the Five Forces. The meditations will be guided by Gen Chogden, and the introduction will be given by Gen Nyema.

The MADC 2017 will be hosted by KMC Maryland at the World Peace Temple,  which is currently the main Kadampa temple in the mid-Atlantic region, and is part of the International Temples Project (ITP).  All proceeds from this event go directly to the ITP, so more temples can be built in our country and around the world.

For more details and registration visit the MADC official website.

This event is run by 100% Volunteers if you are a member of KMC Maryland and would like to help please click the button below to sign up:

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*If you are coming from other centers please see your local Administrative Director or Teacher to get involved.