Meditation Challenge to Re-Inspire Your Mind and Support KMC Maryland – 5 meditations a week for 3 weeks beginning Jan 4th; with Introduction Jan 1st 10:30-11:30am

Let’s start the New Year off together by developing an effective daily practice that can recharge your mind and result in lasting mental peace, while strengthening KMC’s ability to impact the community.

This unique fundraiser inspires personal growth and will help you establish an effective meditation routine that you can nurture the whole year. And it will be fun too! Prizes, check-ins and group interaction, including Q&As with Gen Chogden, will be part of this special meditation challenge.Challenge begins on New Year’s Day with a teaching on the benefits of meditation and how to make your meditation effective and enjoyable.

A new meditation will be available each day Mon-Fri. You can watch at your convenience once the meditation is available.
The whole challenge will be available until Wed. Jan 27th. FIFTEEN 30-Min. meditations and 3 Saturday Q&As with Gen Chogden for just $30; also includes a 1-hour introduction on how to meditate well.