Lunchtime Meditation


Wednesdays & Fridays @ 12:15 – 12:45pm 

Cost: Class – $6  and Lunch – $7

Lunchtime Meditation is a half an hour guided meditation class followed by delicious home-made soup or entree in the World Peace Café. This class is suitable for anyone. It’s the perfect way to let the stress and pressure of your day melt away so you can return from your lunch hour feeling refreshed and nourished.

12:15-12:45pm  Guided meditation for relaxation followed by a piece of Buddha’s advice for daily life.

12:45 – 1:30pm  Delicious homemade vegetarian soup & salad on Wednesdays, and a rotating entree on Fridays.


Gen Kelsang Chogden is an American Buddhist nun and the Resident Teacher of Kadampa Meditation Center Maryland.  She teaches the Wednesday lunchtime meditation class.  Gen Chogden has been practicing Kadampa Buddhism for over 18 years under Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, who gave her the title “Gen” indicating that she is a senior ordained teacher of the Kadampa Tradition.

Gen Chogden’s teachings are always practical and easy to apply to everyday life. Through her gentle and joyful approach and her peaceful example, she has helped many people find true happiness in their hearts.

mary1Mary O’Flaherty is a Baltimore native. She is retired RN and former childcare worker. She has been practicing Kadampa Buddhism for over 10 years and teaches the Friday lunchtime meditation class. She finds much satisfaction in learning and sharing Dharma, Buddha’s teachings.