The Empowerment of Arya Tara, Sat. Nov. 4th & Sun. Nov. 5th

Through receiving Buddha Green Tara’s blessings we can make a powerful connection with her and thus be guided along the paths of wisdom and compassion.

The enlightened mind is said to be like a boundless deep ocean, every drop of which has the power to bring inner peace to living beings. Receiving an empowerment is like connecting with this ocean-like potential inside our own mind, giving us the courage and wisdom to begin to realize our own Buddha-nature. In this empowerment, we will have the opportunity to make a lasting and deeply meaningful connection with Arya Tara.

Arya Tara is a female Buddha, whose great wisdom can lead us to freedom from all fears. She is a manifestation of the ultimate wisdom of all enlightened beings — a universal mother whose compassion is all-embracing. Since she is the embodiment of the completely purified wind element, she is well known for her very swift compassionate action.  During these unstable times we all need a source of refuge. If we rely upon Tara, whose name means ‘liberator’, she will liberate us from our fear and suffering.

Enjoy the company of like-minded people, and empower your spiritual life at this special weekend event.


Saturday,  November 4
9:30-10am Registration
10am – 12:15pm Empowerment
12:15-12:30pm Group photo
12:30-2:00pm Lunch in the World Peace Cafe
2:00-3:30pm Commentary
4:30-5:30pm Wishfulfilling Jewel with tsog offering

Sunday, November 5
10:30am-11:45 Prayers for World Peace
11:45-1:00pm Brunch in the World Peace Cafe (brunch not included in registration fee)
1:30-2:45pm Retreat Session 1
3:30-4:45pm Retreat Session 2 and Q&A


Cost Sat & Sun:  $65.  $60 for students, seniors 60+, and unemployed, and if registered by Oct 28th.

Cost Sat only:  $55.  $50 for students, seniors 60+, and unemployed, and if registered by Oct 28th.

Cost for Children:

    • 0-3 yrs Free
    • 4-12 yrs: $10
    • 13-17: $25

Lunch included on Saturday (lunch availability only guaranteed for those who have pre-registered by Oct 28th).

Online registration has now closed.  You are still welcome to register at the door (9:30am Saturday), however we may not have enough food available to serve you Saturday lunch.

LOCATION: Kadampa Meditation Center Maryland, 900 E Northern Parkway, Baltimore, MD 21212