The Power of Imagination: Annapolis Half-day Retreat – Saturday, March 30, 10am-1pm

The mind is full of creative power.

In fact, each day our mind creates a multitude of realities, emotions, and experiences. Sometimes these bring a sense of joy and freedom. However, they often can be limiting and disruptive, or even painful. Through a special type of meditation called Creative Yoga, we can learn to see beyond the limitations of our ordinary thinking into the extraordinary possibilities for our life. This retreat will teach how to use visualization and imagination to awaken and channel our creative energy into greater peace and happiness, and eventually, if we wish, to the perfection of our human qualities.

Cost:$25 ($20 for students, seniors 60+, and the unemployed)

Free for student-level and benefactor-level members.

To Register, please register at the door.  Walk-ins are welcome!

Location:  703 Giddings Ave, Suite U2-B, Annapolis MD 21401

Directions:  Enter the parking lot from Ridgely Ave.  We are on the 2nd floor of the 703 Giddings Building (up the staircases from the parking lot).