Three Aspects of Love: Meditation Retreat in the Western Maryland Countryside. Fri, May 31- Sun, June 2

This retreat will be lead by Western Buddhist Nun, Gen Kelsang Chogden and Western Buddhist Monk, Gen Kelsang Wangden.  At this retreat, people from VA, MD, PA, NJ, etc. will be gathering to enjoy meditation and visiting with each other in this relaxed country setting.

Retreat topic description:

We all wish to be happy and to have good relationships with others; the best way to fulfill these wishes is to train in loving kindness.  We have some experience of love already, but we may not realize how easy it is to cultivate and grow the love in our hearts through meditation.  When we do, we will discover an inexhaustible fountain of happiness within our own heart– our love for others.  We will solve our daily problems, improve our relationships, and easily make progress on the spiritual path.

During this inspiring retreat, we will learn how to meditate on the three aspects of love– affectionate love, cherishing love, and wishing love– with practical teachings and straightforward guided meditations suitable for beginners and advanced practitioners alike.  Everyone welcome!



Online registration (with 50% deposit)* is required, by May 17th at the latest.  Sign up early, as this is a popular retreat and space is limited!  *Please see refund policy on registration page.


$220 per person for a 3-person shared room

$130 for camping (bring your own tent, etc.)IMG_1609

$350 for single room

$500 for double room (1 person books the room and 2 people share it)

Cost includes meals (Fri dinner through Sun breakfast), accommodations, and retreat sessions for the weekend.

Accommodation details:  Rooms are equipped with AC and heating, 3 twin beds, and each has its own private bathroom with shower.

Handicap accessible.  Just contact us to reserve an accessible room:



Mar-Lu-Ridge Retreat Center, Ridge Inn

4341 Mountville Rd, Jefferson, MD 21755
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