Understanding Ultimate Truth as a Method to Overcome Obstacles: The Practice of The Great Mother, Sat. Oct 3rd retreat, 10am-4:45 pm


(Recordings will be available for a week to watch at your convenience)
With the blessings of the Great Mother Prajnaparamita, we have the opportunity to learn how to use our understanding of ultimate truth to purify our mind and our world. How wonderful!

The sadhana of The Great Mother, which is a method to overcome hindrances and obstacles by reciting the Essence of Wisdom Sutra (the Heart Sutra), is a powerful method to avert and overcome all our suffering and problems. As we gain more heartfelt understanding of the way things actually exist and become familiar with this practice, we will gradually be able to overcome our obstacles to worldly happiness and to the attainment of liberation from suffering. This practice is especially powerful for reducing our suffering in these difficult times.
Cost: $45 -or- $37 for students, seniors 60+, and unemployed, or if registered by Sept 25th


You will receive your link at 9am Sat. Oct 3rd