Give the Gift of Peace – Gift Certificates & Gift Boxes

There is a different experience of happiness available through practicing Buddha’s teachings. In these unique times, when people often feel powerless, you really can help — by praying for others and by supporting this World Peace Temple, which is here to benefit everyone without exception.
Because of this, we have designed some ways for you to make a real difference:

The first is by purchasing one of our new Dharma Packages for yourself or as a gift for others (don’t forget, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and birthdays):
For just $50 you get one month of unlimited Tues thru Fri livestream classes, one Introduction to Meditation & Mindfulness class and 50% off of one Saturday meditation retreat.
Second, give a Custom Gift Box!! – We will help you make a gift box that will help to support our bookstore. Each box will have a book by Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche (we can help you choose). It can also include beautiful notebooks, malas, cards, etc. from the KMC- Maryland Bookstore. We will work with you via email or phone to make this a very special gift.  (410) 243-3837
The third way your can help KMC Maryland is by continuing your membership or becoming a member. Membership allows us to provide you with all of our weekly meditation classes and special events, to maintain our Temple and grounds, and to provide housing and food for our volunteer management staff.
Wisdom is gained through choices we make. Those of us practising Dharma have chosen a path to benefit all living beings. We may not be on the “frontlines” of this pandemic; however, we are on the “frontlines” of working to benefit all living beings through a peaceful mind. Spreading Dharma to a suffering world has great impact.